Board Finance Training

About this workshop

Board members of not for profit organisations come to the table with a mix of skills and experiences which makes their contribution special. Many don’t have an in-depth knowledge of accounting or a head for numbers, yet most Boards are now aware of their individual responsibility to ensure the group is solvent and the importance of being able to read the financial reports.

Learning how to read and understand the facts and figures presented in financial reports will mean Board members and managers become equipped with knowledge on which they can base major decisions when guiding their community group and help it to survive and thrive.

What you will learn

Following the program participants will be able to:

  • Understand how to assess if good financial governance is in place for your organisation
  • Interpret the financial reports including the balance sheet, profit and loss and cash flow reports
  • Develop your budget for the financial year
  • Calculate the organisation’s financial health; the Current (solvency), Quick (liquidity) and Debt to worth (financial risk) ratios
  • Link the strategic plan to the budget and financial reports
  • Determine appropriate level of equity for your not for profit
  • Understand the financial controls required to protect your assets

What’s involved?

This program is designed for people without accountancy training so steers away from technical terminology so it’s easy to understand. Handouts will assist to work through examples for your organisation and participants will be provided with checklists to assess their knowledge of the financials and things they should know in their roles.

Who should attend?

Board members, Treasurers and Managers from Non-profit organisations


6.5 hours

Program details

Enquire about having Non Profit Training come to you and deliver this program or call us for any public programs scheduled for your region.


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