Board Governance Training

About this board governance training

Governance is the system of checks and balances for leaders in not for profit organisations which leads to a positive Board member experience, proper management of conflicts of interest and risk, good understanding and planning for financial controls and an organisation that thrives even through adversity. This sounds simple yet volunteer non profit organisations and charitable boards and committees must wade through the complex legal and regulatory environment in which they operate.

This board governance training will make this easier by helping your organisation to prioritise your work plan and achieve the best practice framework. Not only will your organisation benefit, but also your members, funders and donors who will gain greater confidence when good governance and transparency are in place and greater value can be delivered to the community.

What you will learn

Governance TrainingFollowing the program participants will be able to:

  • Assess if good governance is in place for your group
  • Understand the Board’s role in planning
  • Oversight and monitor the finances
  • Identify the entities legal structure and potential Board implications
  • Outline roles and responsibilities of the Board
  • Run effective AGMs
  • Determine where there are conflicts of interest

What’s involved?

This board governance training is practical, informative, comprehensive, fun and effective for all members of the board. It is customised with the outcome framework, which guides and prioritises the work plan for the Board to achieve best practice governance. Good governance, not-so-good governance examples will guide the learning in conjunction with handouts and participants will be provided with a checklist to assess the Boards knowledge of governance.

Who should attend?

Not for Profit board members


7 hours

Program details

Enquire about having Non Profit Training come to you and deliver this program or book on one of our public governance training programs listed below.


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