Writing and Presenting Non Profit Board Papers

About this workshop

Have you ever had your ideas rejected by the Board or Committee, been told to rewrite your submission, have the leaders advise the Board did not understand your ideas or the numbers behind it do not make sense? Then this workshop will be great for you.

Sometimes great projects may not be given the opportunity to fly as a result of Management presenting information poorly or in a way that makes it difficult for the Board to make well-considered decisions. This workshop works through the essentials of writing a paper for the decision-makers and how to best engage them and maximise their input. It is designed to get ‘cut-through’ for your message the first time the paper is presented.

What you will learn

Writing Board ReportsFollowing the program participants will be able to:

  • Determine the information Board papers should and should not contain
  • Understand how to assess issues from a Board perspective
  • Determine who should contribute to their Board paper
  • Link the Board paper to the strategic plan
  • Understand how to communicate to different personality types on the Board
  • Use body language and words to maximise the effectiveness of presentations
  • Know how to engage the Board’s skills and expertise to achieve your goals

What’s involved?

This program is practical, informative and effective for senior management, project manager, leaders and Board secretaries who are working on their skills to influence up, across and down through the organisation. It will provide participants with checklists for presenting, writing and formatting an effective board paper. The session will demonstrate the differences between effective and ineffective papers and presentations.

Who should attend?

Not for Profit CEOs, Senior Managers, Leaders, Project Managers and Board Secretaries


6.5 hours

Program details

Enquire about having Non Profit Training come to you and deliver this program or call us for any public programs scheduled for your region.


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