Our Training

Educating, empowering and building the capability of, non profit organisations so they can focus on their purpose, is the essence of what we do at Non Profit Training. We believe in providing the skills and knowledge to your board, right through to the volunteering team who deliver your services, as an enabler to support your passion and ensure the future success of your organisation. Our programs include:

Non Profit Board Training

Not for profit Boards are concerned about delivering the greatest value possible to their community. Our range of Board training will help your board focus their attention on what’s important as well as be clear on their roles and responsibilities. The sessions include:

  • Board induction training
  • Governance training
  • Financial literacy training for not for profit boards
  • Strategic planning
  • Risk management
  • Essential board reporting
  • Board compliance

Non Profit Financial Management Training

Whether you are the treasurer, board member, executive officer or program manager, our easy to understand financial literacy training courses will equip you with the knowledge to effectively interpret your financial reports and make well informed decisions. The sessions include:

Non Profit Grant Writing Training

Grant writing training will help your organisation maximise the chance of success given the significant resources allocated to grant writing. Commencing with clarity of community purpose for the project, the planning, budgeting and marketing of your business is maximised through these sessions which include:

  • Grant writing for non profit organisations
  • Managing and evaluating programs
  • Budget development for grant applications
  • Programs design and planning

Non Profit Leadership and Communication Training

Leadership, communication and workplace behaviour training which will inspire your leaders to bring out the best in their teams and influence your organisations future success.

  • Leadership Training – Effective leading a team
  • The CEO / Chair relationship
  • Project management essentials
  • Having difficult Workplace conversations training
  • Presentation skills training
  • Preventing bullying and harassment in the workplace
  • Conflict resolution training

Non Profit Financial Governance Training

Governance training for non-profit boards is essential for their viability, as it helps steer the organisation in the right direction. Our governance training will help your board and the organisation functioning successfully together and have a greater impact to achieve their mission. The sessions include:

  • Board governance training
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Creating successful and effective boards
  • Managing conflicts of interest
  • Successful governance for not for profits

Non Profit Marketing Training

Marketing for non-profit organisations can be a complex digital and communication maze, and with limited resources it’s important to focus on the most affordable plan to lead you forward. Our marketing courses will help guide your organisation and direct your attention to the strategies which will keep your sustainable and viable in the future. The sessions include:

  • Securing our future with a fundraising plan
  • Social media strategies
  • Creative and cost-effective marketing for non-profits
  • Successful partnering strategies

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